Thursday, February 24, 2011

concept...the W.O.W. fund:

___ widows face life threatening circumstances daily...a few dollars of support can change their lives.

___ orphans are wondering if they will get a home, a mom, a dad, a family of their can make their dreams a reality.

___ people are in need of clean drinking water can provide this for them.

For these three reasons, we are changing the way our family lives and making a commitment to be a part of the solution. God gave us specific instructions in James 1:27 and Isaiah 1:17 to serve and advocate on behalf of the oppressed. Therefore, we are seeking and exploring opportunities to launch a new initiative...project ONE:17...that will help provide a solution to the problem. We are praying, we are communicating and we are talking to other advocates of this cause. We are now asking you to engage and to start a thread on this blog about how this project could become a reality.

We believe the mission must be clear and simple to understand.
We believe the goal must be stated and measurable.
We believe the focus of our mission must be on widows, orphans and clean water.
We believe God is calling us to help secure perpetual funding to underwrite projects in these three channels of focus.

What is it: the W.O.W. fund
What's it stand for: (W)idows, (O)rphans, (W)ater
What is the mission: Secure perpetual funding to support projects in the three channels of focus.
What is the measurable goal: Secure and distribute funding to 117 Widow, Orphan and Water Projects by {enter date}